Opting in/out of sharing your medical data

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Use this page to tell us your wishes around opting in or out of sharing your medical data with the NHS for research and planning purposes.

Opt Out of Data Sharing

If you prefer, download the form and fill it in by hand. You can then upload a photo of it at the bottom of the page or email to us.

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Please note, if you do opt-out of sharing your GP information, you may also want to tell NHS Digital of your wishes around the data they also hold about you from other healthcare settings.

You can do this with the National Data Opt-out process below.


Opt Out of Disease Registration

You do not need to register for your data to be shared with and used by the National Disease Registration Service (NDRS). But if you do not want your information to be used, you can opt-out. 

You can also opt-out for your child if:

  • they are under the age of 13


  • you can show that they have competency issues

For more information on Opting Out of disease registration, please visit ndrs.nhs.uk/patients/opting-out/.

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