MSK and Physio services

Helping people with painful bone and joint conditions see the right person

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions account for 30 per cent of GP consultations in England. Low back and neck pain are the greatest cause of years lost to disability in the UK, with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis affecting more than 8.75 million people in the UK.

We have an MSK clinical triage service and our First Contact Practitioners will provide specialist clinical review for the majority of MSK conditions. This can be by telephone or a face-to-face appointment and if needed they can refer directly to other specialists in hospital or the community

This means that those patients who need to be seen by a hospital consultant are seen as quickly as possible, and those who don’t are saved an unnecessary hospital visit.

We are fortunate to have Amanda Hensman-Crook as our Consultant MSK physio, FCSP, HEE AHP national clinical fellow in the practice. Our two specialists operate from the Health Centre and the appointments are bookable in advance via our administration team. They cover everything from joint and arthritic issues to general muscular pain management. They can also provide injection pain management.

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