Test Results

Our Doctors and Nurses will usually guide you when they take a test, and advise when the result may be returned to the surgery. They will also explain what action they will take; either asking you to call the surgery or advising that they will call you.

Want to know more about the Tests you’ve had taken? Please go to this Patient Education website, Labtestsonline. You can search by Test or Condition and the website provides you will information about common reasons for taking tests, what are normal/abnormal results and what to do if you are concerned.

Please note:, these are guides only and each person is different so abnormal range for one patient, may be normal for another.

There are a number of ways that you can find out about your test results:

  • We recommend that you sign up for Online Services to view your test results and see what the Doctor or nurse advises you to do next.
  • You can book a Telephone appointment online to discuss the results. Please book the slot called ‘Telephone Results and Follow up‘.
  • You can still telephone us to find out the results.

Ask our Patient Advisors on Reception to enable Online services for you.

The ‘Telephone Results and Follow up’ appointments will usually be towards the end of the morning or afternoon surgery and we recommend that you try to book with the person who asked you to have the test in the first place. The times are approximate so expect a telephone call within one hour of the appointment time.


To find out about results for ay tests taken at Ambleside, please telephone 01539 432693 and select option 2. Please call between 11.00am to 4.00pm to avoid our busiest telephone times.


To find out about results for any tests taken at Hawkshead, please telephone 01539 436246. Please call between 11:00am and 13:00pm

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