Fees For Non-GMS Services

The services detailed in the table below are not funded by the NHS and therefore have an associated cost.

All private services are subject to availability at times of limited capacity we may not be able to accept private service requests.

If you have any questions relating to this statement, please speak to a member of staff.

Driver licensing

VOC certificate£25.00
GP series 2£100.00
GP examination£150.00
Standard Blood test price per test
(For non-standard blood tests charges on request)

Certificates, forms and reports

Private sick certificate£50.00
Health Insurance – Basic Form£75.00
Insurance report (no examination)£150.00
Sports-related certificates and forms (no examination)£150.00
Fitness to travel£75.00
Cancellation of holiday£75.00
Blue Badge (disabled parking)£50.00
To Whom It May Concern£25.00
School fees insurance claim£75.00
Childminder health forms£100.00

Photograph verification – not always available

Driving license£75.00
Passports £75.00

Medical examinations

Hackney DVLA medical without eye examination£125.00
Drivers or pilots£125.00
Fitness to drive£150.00
Pre-employment or employment medicals£150.00
Sports participation/fitness£200.00
Insurance examination (including report)£150.00
Adoption (payable by organisation)


Private prescriptions£25.00
Private consultations – GP/NP/MSK (30 min Consult)£100.00
Private consultation – Nursing department£50.00
Firearms (Medical Information Form)£75.00
Complex letters requiring extracts from medical records etc.£100.00

If you require a service not detailed on this statement, please enquire at reception.

In normal circumstances all written reports, forms and documents will be completed and returned to the patient/service within 14 days from receipt.

Private appointments will where possible be offered within 14 days of contact.

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