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Non-NHS services

A number of medical examinations, reports, insurance forms and certificates are not available on the NHS, but may be provided by the GPs privately, for a fee. These may be requested via the Reception staff and you will be notified whether it is something that we are able to undertake and how much it will cost. While the GP’s endeavour to complete requests within 10 working days, core medical work must take priority and at times it will take significantly longer.

Our fees for these services are displayed in the surgery.

Although some travel vaccinations are available on the NHS, many are not. Patients travelling abroad are advised to make a travel advice appointment, so that the nurses can advise you of any NHS or non-NHS vaccinations you might need. You will need to return the completed travel form at least 2 days prior to your appointment to give the nurse the opportunity to decide which vaccines you need prior to your appointment. Both types of vaccination are available, although there will be a charge for non-NHS vaccinations.

Patients Seeking Private Treatment

We understand that some patients prefer to access treatment privately, as is your right. There are, however, implications of your decision to seek a private consultation.

Whilst you are undertaking private treatment, all prescriptions and associated care and monitoring – for example blood and other tests that may be required as part of this episode of care will also have to be undertaken privately. We are unable to ‘mix and match’ NHS and private care, this means that you cannot start a prescribed course of medication and have the monitoring for this drug undertaken on the NHS – any associated monitoring would also have to be undertaken privately. This is an important consideration and you should ensure that you either have sufficient funds available to fund the full course of treatment and everything associated with it, or that any medical insurer will meet the costs in full. We have to adopt a fair and equitable policy around these matters as we are often asked mid-way through a course of treatment to start to undertake some aspects of care in addition to what patients may be accessing privately. This guidance sits within the advice provided by both the General Medical Council (GMC) and the British Medical Association (BMA).

Your decision to seek private care does not in any way impact on your rights to access future NHS treatment for any condition and patients seeking private treatment also have the choice of switching from Private to NHS care at any time during their treatment but you would be referred for NHS care in the same way as any other patient.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 5th February, 2024